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I have been working with Brett for over 3 years. I was self-taught until I started working with him and now realize that I was wasting my time before finding him. Brett's skills are amazing, and he’s been instrumental at getting me much further along with my playing.  - Mike S. | MORE STUDENT REVIEWS


It's likely you're here because:

  • You’ve been trying to learn Guitar on your own, with YouTube, and it’s not working out so well. 

  • You’ve had private lessons in the past, but you still feel like you don’t actually understand things. You know some songs, some shapes, some licks, but you want context, you want to know how everything actually fits together, and you want the ability to come up with your own cool songs and solos, using the entire neck, and in any style. Nobody has effectively shown you how to do this. Plus, you have a feeling that you’re not really practicing the right stuff (or the right way) to make the gains that you want.

The amount of progress I have made as a guitarist and musician in general is astounding. Brett is a great role model for me as a musician. I came to him looking to develop and hone my skills on electric and acoustic guitar. He's highly knowledgeable and proficient in nearly every style of playing that you can think of (such as jazz, rock, metal, classical, blues, etc.) and he will provide you with a strong foundation to play anything your heart desires. - Nicholas S. | MORE STUDENT REVIEWS


First, I will teach you all of the vital foundational material that you’ve missed, so that the Guitar neck becomes a whole, rather than a jumble. I will also diagnose any technique problems that you’re having, and prescribe solutions for overcoming them quickly.

Next (all along the way, really) we will apply your newfound knowledge and technique prowess to playing music that you enjoy. Whether it’s Metal, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical - or any other style - you’ll be able to understand how the players you love are able to put this stuff together. And, you’ll be able to come up with your own stuff, too.

You will learn how to:


  • Play faster, more cleanly, more powerfully, and more confidently

  • Understand rhythm reading and notation, so that you can learn songs quickly and easily

  • Build and play chords all over the neck, and know how they relate to songs and soloing

  • Use scales, modes, and arpeggios to improvise, jam, and write your own riffs & songs

  • Apply music theory to the Guitar (in a clear and step-by-step fashion) to unlock your potential

Brett has undoubtedly helped me bring my guitar playing and knowledge of music to a new level.



Lessons take place once a week, via Zoom. We’ll find an available time that works with your schedule, and that will be your time each week.

The rate is $33 / half-hour, or $65 / hour, paid monthly via Venmo or Zelle.

If you're a student of the Guitar living in the Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Beacon, or Fishkill area of New York, and you’re ready to start learning (or even just have a question), then send me a message below. I look forward to helping you.


Thanks for contacting me!

Brett is an amazing teacher. Very knowledgeable, and makes everything easy to do. He teaches you the right way from the ground up. - Lisa Y. | MORE STUDENT REVIEWS